These services are only available with spay/neuter surgeries

  • DAPP/FVRCP vaccines: $15 (with surgery)

    Rabies: $15 (with surgery)

    FeLV/FIV snap test: $35

    Feline Leukemia vaccine (only available after Felv/FIV snap test performed): $25

    Bordetella (kennel cough vaccine)/Lepto vaccine: $25

    Rattlesnake vaccine: $50

    Heartworm/Ehrlichia/Lyme snap test: $35

    Microchip with registration: $25

    Ear cleaning: $20

    Anal gland expression: $20

    Toe nail trim (under anesthesia): $10

    Revolution (deworming/flea preventative for cats): $15

    Deworming for dogs: $10-15

    Pain medication for cats: $20

    Pain medication for dogs: $15

    Flea/tick treatment/preventative for dogs: $20 per dose

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